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I’m a fully qualified DVSA Approved Driving instructor.  I also abide by the industry Code of Practice agreed between the National Associations Strategic Partnership (NASP) and the DVSA, meaning you can be assured of a professional standard throughout your lessons.  


Learner Lessons

Driving lessons are typically 2 hours. At the beginning your driving instructor will keep the car safe and give you lots of easy to understand and straight forward help on quiet roads. As your driving skills improve you will gradually get less help until you can drive the car safely in a confident and controlled manner.

Before you know it you will find it easy to carry out manoeuvres, drive in busy multilane roads whilst negotiating pedestrian crossings, traffic lights and roundabouts with confidence. When you're at this stage your driving instructor will go through the "show me tell me" questions to prepare you for your driving test.

Refresher Lessons

Firstly, your driving instructor will help get your car control skills back up to scratch with simple advice on quiet roads. You can also practice any manoeuvres you want to improve. When you feel confident with your car control ability, your driving instructor will guide you through simple routes to help brush up on your road procedure knowledge. You will be progressively taken on busier roads until you feel confident driving at high speed on busy multilane roads with roundabouts and traffic lights.


Pass Plus Course

The course must be taken within the first year of passing your driving test. The course takes 6 hours to complete with at least 30 mins being spent on each module. You can complete the course in one 6 hour session or break it down into three 2 hours sessions. The 6 hour sessions will require a 30 minute break every two hours for refreshments to help keep you fresh and alert.

The course will involve;

  • Driving on motorways

  • Driving on dual carriageways

  • Driving on rural roads

  • Driving in town

  • Driving at nigh

  • Driving in all weathers

Motoway Lessons

Motorway lessons will help you gain the skills and knowledge to deal with these roads safely. Due to the high speed and busy nature of motorways, accidents are usually serious. 

Lessons will involve; 

  • Joining the motorway

  • Good observation

  • Lane discipline

  • Keeping your distance

  • Lane changes

  • Overtaking

  • Road signs

  • Leaving the motorway

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